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To See is to Believe...




Le-Cen Brand Design is not a traditional design team. We are committed to the ideal of “design thinking” in order to make a long-term contribution towards growth of clients and success of brands.

Through scientific investigation and analysis to figure out core problems and then bring up touching design as sensible approach. Our creativity and survey data integrate human needs, professional tech and business requirement into brand core value which also build the sense of recognition for consumer. Positive memories and connection between Le-Cen Brand Design and our client/partner will without doubt last long.

Why us ?



Design only works the best based on the communication and understanding of market, consumer and our client/partner. In Le-Cen Brand Design, we have certain members have insight into customer management experiences that help us approaching users and solving problems.



Design only can be conveyed by emotional connection and stunning message to the users. Every detail exist with reason. What we believe is that design can be expressed and explained instead of a subjective feeling or personal particular preference.



Figure the problem out first, then go for solution!
Le-Cen Brand Design will find out the core issue and problem that must be dealt with as top priority before execution and then brings up efficient and effective solution with reasonable budget through our designing process, tool and experience.



In digital age, brand recognition can be spread out through various ways quickly and easily, especially receiving information through digital media. In this case, a complete brand image design is important as well as necessary. Brand strategy that satisfies both traditional and digital request is a must.



Unlike the others, Le-Cen Brand Design has always progress towards steps that are necessary but often being neglected just because they seem like messy businesses. Those brand design companies might fulfill their clients’ requirement through fast design process but forget about what users need. We abandon this kind of super high-speed and high-profit way but using a firm as well as practical design process that makes Le-Cen Brand Design standing on the same side with the users!

How we do ?

Our partner


Clients are the best partners of dreams come true for Le-Cen Brand Design. Through sharing ideas, stories and team cooperation with different brands and people, the best consumer experience strategy can be created easily and fulfill clients’ requirements at the same time. Our experiences and faiths bring us chances to cooperate with many superior brands: